Strategic Plan of Rotary Club of Thamel

Rotary Club Of Thamel will be a club of  40inspired Rotarians of  serving the community and  the most needy,  and additionally contributing to the promotion and preservation of heritage in and around Thamel.

The club will organize fellowship meetings with the sole mission of inspiring members to support the most needy, and promoting compassion, peace and harmony by doing GOOD in the community and the society.

Strategic Goals
The club aims to achieving its vision and mission through following strategic goals for the period 2015/16  thorough 2019/20  by promoting the core values of Rotary movement; Fellowship, community service, integrity and diversity in its all engagements.

I.  Strengthening the Club
1. Members
The current number of members is 33 after increment of 4 members this year. The target will be to retain current members and increase the membership to a 35members minimum with a  40members upper target.

The target is to have all club members as PHF within 5 years and increase the current 4 MPHF membersto 25%  of club membership.

3. Rotary Community Corps
The club plans to have one more RCC at Devi Chour in the outskirts of Kathmandu in addition to the current one RCC  atBhatteDandaDhulikhel.The target is to sustain the two RCCs and support their social service activities.

4. Rotract Clubs
The club plans to sustain the current Rotaract Club of  Thames College , former Rotaract club of Thamel, and support social activities of the Rotaract club, such as regular distribution of warm clothes to needy communities in winter.

5. Interact Clubs
The club will focus on sustaining the two current interact clubs in two schools, Annapurana school, J. N. Pyakuryal  Memorial School and  supporting the two clubs keeping  active all the time.

6. Human Resource Development:
The club is assessing continuously interest of members, and is arranging for taking up “projects in interested area or field” and associated “on the job training”  visits to inspiring social service sites and meeting inspiring personalities,  invite inspiring personalities to club meetings with spouses. The club has been carrying these kind of activities already in the club, inspiring members to take up some social work or contribution will continue such efforts. The club prefers such”training visits” rather than class room training.The club activities will involve all members, especially new membership, finally identifying active core membership in social service to lead the club.

7. Leadership Development
The club will  promote leadership development by encouraging current program of  in house presentation  by members on  social issues,  at least 6 presentations by members in a year to a maximum of 12 presentations. The club plans to ensure new members to participate in district programs and promote information sharing with other Rotarians. The club plans to have at least two members in district leadership team each year.

II.  Humanitarian Services

  1. Focus on the Core Areas of Services

The club will focus mainly on two areas; Literacy and disaster preparedness.

  1. Literacy

The club plans to continue scholarship program in adopted village GhumarChowk, and Taudaha. The club plans to raise funds in house for this program and seek international support from other clubs.
The club will focus on completing ongoing reconstruction of two schools, primary wing for Shanti Sikchhya schools In Thahiti, Kathmandu and a 4 room school building of BinduKeshar at Taksar, Nuwakot.

The club will focus on sustaining the scholarship of 16 children at GhumarChowkvillage and Rs. 6,000 /child scholarship of  10 children in various schools in Kathmandu until their school graduation. With aim of avoiding drop out from schools, the club will continue weekly feeding program of around 25 street children currently to encourage their continuation of school education.

  1. Disaster preparedness

The club will continue to support and inspire two interact clubsand one Rotaract club to participate in various social programs and continue current participation of the two interact clubs and the Rotaract club in disaster preparedness activities.

III.           Public Image

  1. Dissemination of Core Value

The club believes that conducting “Clean street campaigns,roadsafetycampaigns, disaster preparedness activities  and , scholarship activities along with school reconstruction”with Rotaracts and interacts will help in promoting Public Image of Rotaryand will contune such current programs.

IV.          Financial Sustainability and Operational Effectiveness

1. Financial Sustainability
The club will strictly plan that all club events and campaigns are self-sustainable.
The club will conduct one time every year “giving” campaign inside the club.
The club will design each year realistic project implementation plans and promote projects along with fellowship with international clubs to receive financial support of club programs.

2. Operational Effectiveness

The club will focus on making operations of the club in an organized manner using club meeting locations at the Hotel Malla; and continue to use the space provided by PP Bibhuti M. Singh in community centerat Chhetrapati  Free clinic for  additional meetings of club committees and the club board.The club will focus on utilization of space provided by the community organization like ChhetraPatiFree  Clinic, an organization with which the club works closely. The club encourages meetings at  members’ office or residence.

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